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Punjab Information Technology Board
2012 to 2017: Interventions and Impact

ous line departments, helping them con-       ment, Administration, Human Resourc-           a business accelerator, PlanX. Together
ceive, implement and institutionalize         es and Audit. Additionally, the organiza-      these have facilitated growth of hundreds
IT-driven reforms. In many instances,         tion is audited twice every year, once by      of startups and dozens of private-sector
these projects have entailed a significant    a commercial audit firm, followed by the       incubators modeled after Plan9. Since
re-working of old processes, requiring        audit carried out by the Auditor Gener-        their inception, Plan9/PlanX has incu-
patience and resolve at all levels of gov-    al’s Office. I take a lot of pride in these    bated 160 startups, with a collective valu-
ernment to ultimately achieve successful      processes and checks and balances we           ation of close to $60 million.
implementation.                               have established at PITB.
                                                                                                 None of this could have been possible
    There is hardly a major initiative            This report summarises key projects        without the inspiration and support of the
in the province which has not been en-        implemented by the PITB. Each proj-            Chief Minister Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif. It
abled by PITB’s systems. What is even         ect’s description covers details about its     was his vision that led to the establishment
more encouraging is that because of           conception, implementation, and, most          of PITB in 1999, when understood the pow-
the impetus provided by the PITB ini-         importantly, impact. For me, the most ex-      er of IT for transforming governance and
tiatives for IT-driven reforms are now        citing aspect of PITB’s work has been its      fuelling the economy. CM’s legendary work
increasingly emanating from line de-          scale. Our systems serve a province with a     ethic has ensured that we do not just set
partments themselves.                         population of over 100 million. Therefore,     ourselves high standards but also achieve
                                              when successfully adopted, these systems       them in unrealistically short deadlines.
    Organizationally, PITB has been           result in usage and data that is often un-
structured along the lines of a manage-       precedented anywhere in the world.                 I want to also thank all present and
ment consultancy. Each of its four wings                                                     past Chief Secretaries, Chairmen of Plan-
is focused on one or more domain areas            Over these years, the PITB has also de-    ning and Development Board, Inspec-
and is run by a Director General con-         veloped a close liaison with the IT industry.  tor Generals of Police, Secretaries and
cerned. All four wings use resources from     It has established a bi-annual consultative    officers of line departments who have
a common pool for their software design,      forum with representation from the IT in-      supported us, collaborated with us and
development, and testing needs.               dustry and relevant stakeholders in the gov-   helped us institutionalise IT-driven re-
                                              ernment. These roundtables are attended        forms in the government. This report is a
    A large part of software development      by close to 150 IT companies from through-     testament of the efforts of these champi-
at PITB is carried out by a central software  out Pakistan. These roundtables have led to    ons of reform in the government.
development team which never ceases to        the formulation of Pakistan’s first ever pro-
amaze me with its ability to execute at an    vincial IT policy in Punjab, and triggered a       Finally, I would like to thank my team
unreal pace. At the same time, large en-      nationwide survey of IT companies.             at PITB. I am truly honored and privi-
terprise systems - such as the e-Stamping                                                    leged to work with such a dedicated and
project or the Automatic Fare Collection for      PITB’s work in supporting technology       committed group of people. Each one of
metrobuses - are often implemented using      entrepreneurship has played a critical         them is a rock star! I hope some of the
licensed platforms and are outsourced for     role in bootstrapping startup ecosystem        projects documented in this report will
development to private firms.                 in Pakistan. In 2012, we established Paki-     one day become bedtime stories for chil-
                                              stan’s first public-sector startup incuba-     dren telling them about how we played
    PITB’s core teams are supported by        tor, Plan9, and followed it by setting up      our part in making Pakistan great.
dedicated wings for Finance, Procure-
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