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Punjab Information Technology Board
                                                                           2012 to 2017: Interventions and Impact

                   Dr Umar Saif

Punjab Information Technology Board Chairman

I joined the Government of Punjab as Chairman of the Pun-          PITB was that I had the assurance of returning to my teaching
    jab Information Technology Board (PITB) during my sab-         job at LUMS anytime during the sabbatical year. Besides, al-
    batical year from the Lahore University of Management          most all my colleagues in Pakistan and abroad were dissuading
Sciences in 2011.                                                  me from working for the public sector in Pakistan.

     At that time, I had just received a Google Faculty Research       Six years later, I am happy to report that not once have I
Award and had also been named among the top 35 innovators          regretted my decision to work for the government. The PITB
in the world by the MIT Technology Review. Before joining the      has since grown from an organization employing around 100
PITB, I was planning to spend my sabbatical year to teach at       people to one with a staff strength of close to a 1,000 people. It
some university in the USA. Even as I started serving as the       has completed over 240 IT projects in Punjab and has assisted
Chairman of the PITB, I did not expect to work for more than a     other provincial governments as well as foreign governments.
few months. In fact, the only reason why I agreed to work for the  In Punjab, the PITB has established a partnership with vari-
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