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Punjab Information Technology Board
                                                                   2012 to 2017: Interventions and Impact


               The Specialized Healthcare Department                      The dedication and the positive attitude
                 has had the pleasure of working with the                   of the PITB team made it possible for
                 PITB on multiple initiatives. Throughout                   us to successfully deliver all health
                 the course of our collaboration, the                       initiatives. They helped us develop, refine,

               PITB team displayed utmost professional                    document and deliver important initiatives.
dedication - from inception to planning to execution and   An exemplary project is the Anti-Dengue initiative
implementation of the projects. They took great care in    which has been operational since 2012. The monitoring
understanding our requirements and developed their         system for the polio vaccination campaign is another
projects accordingly. The PITB’s technical capability      project which enabled the local administration and
has been very helpful as it has enabled us to envision     partner organizations such as WHO and UNICEF to
the bigger picture. The Health Reporting System is         access real time field data. I look forward to working
an exemplary project initiated in 2013 and has been        with the PITB as a valued partner for all our future
implemented across the Punjab at all levels of healthcare  endeavors.
facilities. The PITB’s commendable efforts have tied
them in a very strong relationship with the Specialized    ALI JAN KHAN
Healthcare Department which we would always like to        Secretary Primary & Secondary Health Department
maintain for our future endeavors.
Secretary Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education
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